Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 7

So, on Sunday our morning started with heading off to church with the family. Once service was over, we all headed over to McDonald's for lunch. That was yummy as usual, and we went to one that I haven't been to in FOREVER. While at lunch dad asks me what we are gonna do today. We thought about City Center, but as we were leaving, Ryan suggested we all (me, him and Cindi) go get tattoos. I really didn't think Cindi would get one, but after some research for what shop we wanted to go to, we left to go get them.

Cindi was nervous the whole car ride there. But, once we got there, she seemed totally fine. So me and her are first, as Ryan goes back and forth with the camera. I got Picasso's "Dove of Peace" on my left rib cage. Yeah, it hurt. But definitely not as bad as I was expecting it to. Cindi said hers tickled in spots, what a weirdo. Then, when we were finished, it was Ryan's turn. He got a swallow, a traditional Navy tattoo, on his inner right bicep. That hurt him a bit. The guy that tattooed me and Ryan was awesome. His name is TJ and he works at Bad Apple, I definitely recommend him.

So, after all that excitement, we went back to dad's house and hung for a few hours before meeting up with Amber and Kenny. We checked out City Center a little bit. Man, that place is awesome. Then, we went to dinner at a really cool Irish place by the Orleans. It was great to catch up with my oldest friend. Today was definitely a good day.

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