Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 3

Wichita Falls, TX to Rio Rancho, NM

521 miles

Today was the best day, as far as driving goes. The drive through Texas was nice, just a lot of farm land. But I enjoy cows, so that works out for me. Only thing I didn't like was we drove passed a factory farm. All those poor cows were crammed into a tiny bit of space with metal gates surrounding them. It was sad and it smelled bad.

Today was Bitty's worst day though. I would say for the first hour or so all she did was cry and look up at me with sad eyes. She is really hating life in the car. Hopefully this small break will make her feel better.

Another bit of interesting information, as I am listening to the radio in Wichita Falls, I find out there was a shooting rampage that night by a white supremacist. The cops were chasing him down after he shot 5 people, and he ended up killing himself at his house. Yay for Texas.

Things got even better when we got to New Mexico. The temperature immediately went up 10 degrees and we were finally back in the desert. It might be weird to miss such a thing, but I miss the dirt and mountains terribly. New Mexico is a really pretty desert though. Nice red dirt and mesas...not flat and boring like Arizona (that's Friday).

For now, we are hanging out with my grandparents...probably gonna go to a toy museum or something. So nice to have a home cooked meal and a comfy bed. I love grandma's house.

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  1. Yay! You made it your Grandma's!! I like how Bitty is in between you & the door. She finds the weirdest places to lay, haha! I hope you enjoy your home-cooked meal!!! Have a safe drive to Nevada!!