Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 1

Yulee, FL to Baton Rouge, LA

624 Miles

Today was a looong day. But, we finally made it. We started around 1pm in Florida and it felt like the day would never end. I had to load my car full with my traveling zoo (cat, bird, turtle, rabbit) and the most unhappy about it was my dear cat Bitty. Poor thing didn't know what to do, she couldn't get comfortable and refused to leave my lap. This is turn caused some swirvy driving at some points, which prompted Ryan to text me to tell me to get off my phone and pay attention. Just the cat...not texting and driving this time.

Turns out there's not much to see on this drive...just a bunch of trees. That's pretty much the entire south: trees. I would say the most exciting thing was in Mississippi when a random rain storm showered upon us for about 15 minutes. That definitely woke me up...and I needed that, I was freaking exhausted today. Luckily we stopped during the storm to grab some 5 hour energy shots. I am skeptical if they work or if it's all in my head, but either way I was definitely awake the rest of the drive.

I did, however, learn that Louisiana has a lot of weird sounding and weirdly spelled names for things like cities, rivers, etc. Like Tchefuncte...I think that's a river. I also learned that my pets aren't very good for conversation.

Well, tomorrow is another day and we are hitting the road for Wichita Falls, TX...

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  1. I'm so glad you're doing this! This is so awesome!! Bitty does not look happy in this picture - poor kitty! I'm happy you made to Louisiana safe & sound. Safe travels today. Love ya! :)