Friday, March 5, 2010

So I decided to write a blog...

Yup. I'm that bored.

Currently my bird Corky is screaming in my ear and my cat is napping. I know, what a thrill. This is pretty much the excitement of my life, day in and day out. My husband in currently deployed and I am unemployed, so that leaves me with a lot of spare time. Apparently I am not suited for employment...or this economy is so crappy that there are literally no jobs available for me. I personally think I am too cool for work.

However, I do have a fun project I am working on. My friend Shelly is out of town and I am cat sitting for her. Funny thing about that is, my cat hates other cats, so I am forcing them to coexist in hopes my cat will begin to accept her own species.

It's not going well.

My cat, Bitty, just growls and hisses any time Shelly's cat, Minnie, is within viewing distance. It's sort of funny. I'm on day 2 and zero progress has been made. They just sleep in separate rooms and occasionally come out to hiss at each other. I find it amusing.

So that was Minnie, she is adorable. Maybe I will get a video of them interacting (if you can call it that), that is way more funny.

Well...that wasn't so bad. Until next time America...

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